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This Second Child Justice Strategy of the Ministry of Constitutional and Legal Affairs (MoCLA) covers the period between 2020/21 and 2024/25. The Second Child Justice Strategy marks the end of the First Child Justice Strategy, which aimed to align relevant policies, laws and practices with the national, regional and international standards and norms of child justice. The First Child Justice Strategy guided and coordinated policy, legal and procedural reforms needed from a “system- point-of-view” in order to improve child justice. Furthermore, during its implementation, Tanzania adopted and amended several laws aligning them with national, regional and international child rights standards and norms that facilitated the reform of the child justice system. These reforms included the adoption of Whistle-blower and Witness Protection Act, 2015 and the Legal Aid Act, 2017 and the amendment of the Evidence Act [CAP 6 R.E. 2002].

Second Child Justice Strategy

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