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1)Education environment improvement

We expect to support the students from primary Schools so that they can study in a child-friendly environment by helping in building and repairing latrines and classrooms.
There are shortage of latrines in many primary school so our focus for the first phase will be at Ubungo Municipal Council primary school which have shortage of latrines.

2)Training skills for drop out girls to improve their life

In coastal area Regions many girls are failed to finish their education due to various reasons where by many of them drop outs due to early pregnancy and early marriage which lead them to have difficulty life ,so this project aim to provide skills to them by facilitating a special training so that after getting the skills they can establish business in order to improve there life.

3)Awareness on HIV to youth and how to prevention

As due to poverty,lack of knowledge on HIV issues and norms many children and Youth they end up getting HIV specially in coastal areas .The project will be done by phase two regions per phase by doing awareness on HIV and educate youth and children on how to prevent themselves in getting HIV and insisting them on knowing there status by taking blood test.Also provision of food to those who confirmed to have HIV and they live in poverty will be done and not only food but also to find solution in improving their life by providing entrepreneurs skills and small capitals to establish small business so that they can sustain to be able to care there health

4)Orphanage center building project

A number of street children increased day by day,due to parents death poverty etc.As a result a big number of children have no homes and they are in the street without hope,so this project will take that responsibility of taking them in one place so that they can get good care and education hence to improve there life.

5)Soccer club project

As they have rights to play this project will focus on establishing soccer clubs to schools of Dar es salaam region and operate a happy children cup where by those clubs will be in championship for that cup in the progress they will get a chance to be taught about their rights.

6)Child abuse prohibition campaign project

HCT will carry out a child abuse prevention campaign with the aim of enhancing awareness of child abuse prevention as an important issue .The advertisement for this campaign will be published many times in social media,TV and Radios for a certain period of time and will reformatted to introduce HCT abuse prevention campaign.

7)Providing health insurance card for treatment

Since children have right to good health,in this project we aim to provide health insurance card (to 5000 children form 5 regions this will be done by phase until the whole. regions in Tanzania ) for free treatment from various hospitals.

8)Mother and child health care project

There is lack of education regarding on childbirth and childcare and poor medical facilities,there is a high rate of infant and maternal mortality especially in rural areas of many regions of Tanzania .Through this project HCT will work with local communities to strengthen their healthcare capabilities by training health volunteers in order to improve medical capabilities.

9)Provision of school materials and food to orphans and vulnerable children

As many orphans and vulnerable children they need oura support in order to make them sustain .HCT aim to di this project as we will have a certain campaign today insist people to contribute in this project so as to help manya children as we can ,will be done every month after collection from our supporters.