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Act Now Save Life in Tanzania !

Children face immense challenges in sub-Saharan Africa. In fact, every thirty seconds, a child dies of a treatable disease, complications from HIV/AIDS, or hunger. Since 2000, Action Africa has worked with local communities to meet these challenges through diverse on-the-ground programs that focus on the issues of health, education, economic self-sufficiency and human rights.

Happy Children Tanzania mobilizes entire communities to launch and sustain life-changing programs and self-help initiatives. Thousands of children have been motivated to stay in school, avoid risky behaviors and contribute to human progress in their own villages by volunteering.

Our three-year campaign, which ends in 2019, seeks to provide support for one thousand at-risk children, helping them to enter and stay in school.

Other programs help families to launch and run small businesses, provide supplies to medical clinics, and dig wells to ensure access to safe drinking water. Local volunteers are enlisted in most programs, including village leaders, teachers, social workers, pastors, and medical professionals.

Happy Children


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